George W. Bush and Ellen are friends; The Former President appreciates Ellen for her response to the critics

Former President George Walker Bush applauded Ellen DeGeneres for her critical feedback to the comments on Twitter.

The comedian reciprocated to the critics by addressing them on Twitter.

About the Game :
The football match took place on Sunday. The Green – Bay Packers won the match by a victory of 34-24 playing against Cowboys in Texas.

Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia de Rossi were asked to attend the game by the daughter of Cowboy’s owner, Charlotte Jones.

Ellen was criticized for sitting beside George Bush and his wife during Dallas Cowboy’s game. There were mixed perceptions of Twitter users about Ellen watching the football match with the Bush family.

Ellen’s Response :
The comedian said that she is friends with Bush. She added that she is friends with other people as well who don’t share the same ideology as she does. However, this fact should not hamper to be friends with those people. Adding up to that, Ellen also said we should respect one another in spite of having different beliefs and opinions.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Bush acknowledged Ellen’s reciprocation to the haters. Freddy Ford told that the President and his wife both respect Ellen.

When the pictures and footage of Ellen and George Bush went viral on the social platforms, fans shared their reactions towards the pair. Ellen addressed the matter on Monday as well as spoke about it in her show on Tuesday.

Charlotte was seated right next to Portia while Ellen settled beside the former President.
Some negative tweets that hit the viral news were displayed by Ellen in her talk show on Tuesday.

One said that they make a weird couple. While another user wrote a sarcastic comment making fun. Someone even explained the action as a bold move. Ellen finally ceased the topic by showcasing her gratitude to Charlotte and the Bush family for the wonderful afternoon.