The Series Finale of The Hulu Drama “Pam and Tommy” Created Waves!

“Pam and Tommy” Season Finale

The season finale finale for the Hulu series “Pam and Tommy” premiered on March 9. The episode titled “Seattle” left the fans rather confused about it’s ending. This episode featured a pregnant Pamela Anderson struggling to get any work. Also while trying to strike a balance between her personal and professional life. Tommy Lee goes through a similar situation. Motley Crue also lose a gig for a televised MTV concert.

The two later discover that the tape is available online. And things take an ugly turn from thereon. Lee tries to confront the man behind the tape, Seth Warshavsky, owner of the Internet Entertainment Group. However, Warshavsky offered the couple to sell the rights for the tape instead.

The Series Finale for The Hulu Drama "Pam and Tommy" Dropped
Instagram/ Pamandtommy


Pam and Tommy is an American biographical drama based on actress Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee when their sex tape released. It takes place in 1996, and follows the three year marriage of Anderson and Lee. During a time when a sex tape, that the two recorded on their honeymoon goes public.

The series dropped on February 2 with the first three episodes on Hulu. The series received quite positive reviews from the critics.

The Series Finale for The Hulu Drama "Pam and Tommy" Dropped
Instagram/ Pam and Tommy

Episode Recap

As the couple’s sex tape resurfaces, Tommy gets furious. He wants to sue Warshavsky. But he offers to pay them, if they sell the rights to the tap. He explains that he will charge per view which will decrease the number of footage on the internet. Pam agrees with this idea.

The couple decide to take a trip, where Anderson overhears Lee bragging about the tape. As hey return back Anderson makes him sign the rights over for the tape. And they get a divorce, after their son is born.

Gauthier is ashamed for what he did. And tries to strike a deal with Butchie. After apologizing to Erika, he accepts 10 grand from Warshavsky for the tape and gives it to Erika.