The Secret yet Not-so-secret Wedding of Austin Wedding of Debby Ryan and Joshua Dun

Apparently, the couple planned their wedding in just 28 days

Actress Debby Ryan and Twenty One Pilots drummer Joshua Dun had been engaged for a year after which they started planning their New Year’s Eve wedding in a 28 day time frame. Debby spoke about their plans on whether they should have a destination wedding and on December, they decided to get married in Austin on New Year’s Eve.

The Planning and Execution

Debby spoke about a close friend of hers, who had passed away last year, who had been really excited about her wedding. We believe it to be actor Cameron Boyce who used to be with Debby during her Disney Channel days. Afterwards, she realised it wouldn’t do anyone any good to wait around, or wait for things to settle in perfectly, as tomorrow will ways remain uncertain.

Joshua spoke about his plans to propose in New Zealand. Twenty One Pilots had a tour in Australia and New Zealand at that time. They had some trouble with the ring as it hadn’t been ready when they were about to leave. Joshua’s friend had to fly from Columbus and meet Debby’s brother in Los Angeles. Then her brother, Chase and his wife flew with the ring to Auckland and arrived five minutes before their date. Long story short, the proposal went perfectly.

Afterwards, the couple started looking for a venue. Debby spoke about how they wanted a reverent place and not a ballroom. They finally zeroed in on a church in Austin.

They decided to set up shop at Hotel Van Zandt during the wedding weekend. It served later as the ballroom after the wedding. And everything worked out perfectly in the end.