“The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders”: All you need to know before watching the Movie!!

“The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders” is definitely one of the most anticipated films from Lifetime and is a line-up for the Cheer, Rally, Kill. “The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders” stars Savannah May as Ava and Denise Richards as Candice.
Candice is the mother of Ava and “The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders” follows both of them relocating into a new town after Ava’s father passes away two years.

Ever since his death, Ava has been trying to cope up with her grief by using drugs and alcohol. Candice worried about her daughter relocates to a new home.

However, the new school that Ava has joined does not have a dance team, and Ava is much passionate about dancing. Hence, she joins a cheer team and comes face-to-face with Katrina, who is the Queen Bee.

"The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders": All you need to know before watching the Movie!! 3

1. Ava, Allyson, and Patrick work together on bringing Katrina to her lowest point
Ava wins the Cheerleader of the Year Award as she finally proves all the wrongdoings of Katrina during the third initiation round.
2. At the second initiation round, Ava stands against Katrina.

During the second initiation round, Katrina forces the remaining cheerleaders to strip as she lives streams online to see who gets the vote for the hottest girl.
3. Katrina turns crazy in the bathroom
Then not only does Ava nearly beat Katrina for Homecoming Queen but even ends up becoming a strong competitor for the Cheerleader of the Year Award.

4. Katrina and Ava go head-to-head during a dance-off
Right from when Ava performed her routine during her cheer tryouts, it is now clear that it is a worthy adversary for the team captain. Katrina and Ava start a show-off on the football field.

5. The initiation of cheerleading begins.
Once Ava and the rest of the girls find out on what team they are on, their happiness is quite short-lived. They are soon acquainted with immense popularity and have found themselves trapped in a cage.