the Sad Phase of Demi Lovato’s Life- Her Struggle with Addiction, Depression & Bullying

Success doesn’t come at a cost. The long hours of work, perfection, good looks and a lot more. The industry demands the above from all those who wish to make their career successful as that is how they perceive a successful performer to be. Hardly do they realise the mental trauma that an individual has to go through to attain perfection at it.

One such example is Demi Lovato who not only had to deal with the problems mentioned above that the acting industry was expecting out of her, but also personal problems that she had to overcome. 

Body shaming

Demi had a bad experience with the food cut in his diet. she describes the food as the biggest fight or enemy that she had. She not only had to control her desire to eat but also get a figure that she was far from having. 

Drug addiction

Addiction to anything is bad, especially when it hampers one’s abilities at work. Drugs and alcohol, was common for her as she saw her father doing the same and chose it over their family. The same she admitted in her documentary.

Her sexuality

picture: facebook

Her interest in both men and women is something that she describes as normal for her self and has been practicing the same. She feels it’s her body and she eventually controls it to the extend that she can indulge in sexual relations without feeling ashamed about it as it was her body and she had the right to chose what to do with it.

Her fear

The idea of losing her loved ones haunts her all the time, it took her a while to overcome her breakups in the past and is believed to still be in love with Wilmer Valderrama since they broke up in 2016, 6 years into their relationship. Although at the age of 17, they met each other and had disgusted each other, however, a year later she realized her love for Wilmer. She has suggested an Unbreakable Gym where Lovato trained in MMA and Jujitsu. That is the place from which she now aspires to win a black belt.


All these didn’t seem enough that the fact that she was bullied came up. As a child, she used to be bullied at school. A bunch of evil girls who she referred to in her documentary is now her reason behind the anger.