Jim Carrey had a Life Filled with Turbulence and Trauma

One of the funniest men, Jim Carrey is known for many personal controversies. Be it staying away from his wife and stay with his family instead. Not everyone knew his bad financial condition. His mother got sick and at the same time, they had gone homeless.

The family had to stay in a van in the severe cold of Canada. His family condition was not only traumatising for the listeners or the viewers to it but also to the family as they were getting in depression gradually. That time, he would often crack jokes to bring a moment of ease to his family who was already suffering from losses, both physically and mentally. his talent got framed into a stand-up comedy. 

Why did he stay with his parents?

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When he entered into Hollywood, he was married to Melissa. His career was busy at that time and he stayed with his parents in an apartment. A few years later, they gave birth to a child. Having divorced his first wife after 7 years of togetherness, the reason was his career that he could envision before everything else. He married a colleague, the relationship which lasted a short time of one year, after which the couple filed a divorce. The reason was varied. Although Jim thought she was a genuine lover to him, fans called his ex-wife was a gold digger and fantasized about his bank account.

Not long until that was invalidated later. Many more into the list, when his ex-wife named Carrey was found dead in their apartment, he shook hard as that was an unexpected event in his life and was not mentally prepared for the same. He called it a shocking moment for himself. Broadly speaking, the reason for his divorces was his unstable state in mind, when he didn’t know what he should have prioritised, his personal life, or his career.

He needed regular counselings with his wives and was suffering a great deal at the time of his career reaching its peak. He had been vocal about his experiences.