The Pussycat Dolls have officially made a huge comeback with their latest single “React.” Check out their latest steamy video here.

Approximately three months since lead vocalist Nicole Scherzinger, 41, took to Instagram to prod a #PCDReunion — and two months since the gathering made that big appearance without precedent for 10 years for the “X-Factor: Celebrity” last — the Pussycat Dolls have discharged “React,” their first track since 2009.

A music video went with the club-prepared tune’s discharge. The generally 3½-minute clasp shows Scherzinger — alongside Ashley Roberts, 38, Carmit Bachar, 45, Jessica Sutta, 37 and Kimberly Wyatt, 38 — playing out their typical showstopping movement while doused in water or illuminated by shining blazes.

In a news release, the group said they’ll be releasing their music independently.

“We are women who are on the other side of a lot [of] life experiences — it has given us so much perspective and growth,” says Scherzinger. “And then being able to release our music independently at this moment in time feels incredibly empowering. We’ve all grown so much, and the energy surrounding this project feels so positive and powerful. It was important for us as a group to take creative control and put out music that represents who we are — Grown-Ass Women who know what they want and doing it our way.”

Quite missing was previous part Melody Thornton, 35, who supposedly decided to pass on the gathering.

Scherzinger said the group’s reunion for the “X-Factor” arrival marked their first time together after more than a decade.

“As soon as somebody started playing ‘Buttons’ wherever we were standing, right then, we immediately all broke out into the dance-break choreography in unison — it was kind of freakish,” she said. “That’s when we realized, this is why we’re the Pussycat Dolls and there’ll never be any other group like us. We all work so well together.”

Past the stage reunion and new single, the group reported a visit starting April 5, with shows booked for Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. No shows are affirmed for the US.


The gathering split in 2010 after Wyatt and Roberts left inside a day of one another. Roberts later conceded the gathering disbanded over Scherzinger hoarding the spotlight.