Drake has recently sparked rumors with model Imaan Hammam! Are the two dating? Let us find out here!

By 6 months ago

After some false rumors where rapper Drake was linked with Kylie Jenner and then Rihanna, it seems like the rapper is finally going out with someone else. The rapper was recently spotted with a mystery woman and let us see who this woman is!

Is Drake Dating Someone? Who Is This New Mystery Woman?

Recently, the rapper was spotted leaving the 23-year-old model Imaan Hammam’s apartment in New York City on Thursday. In some shots shared by some media houses, Drake is shown carrying a bottle of water in one hand a black what seems to be an overnight bag, plus another red bag,” in the other.

After the two went out separately to avoid obvious suspicion, the two were again reportedly seen kissing at the Flur Room in the early hours of Thursday morning before heading back to Iman’s apartment. The two were linked earlier as well. However, the linking was soon denied as nothing romantic.

Is This A Casual Fling Or Something Serious Is On Its Way?

The rapper has been single for quite some time now and was revelry linked to not one but two women. However, it seems like all the previous linking was probably a ruse. The rapper might be dating the model and is not ready to make this relationship official as of yet.

The rapper had quick a busy year with back to back projects. His previous few songs have been chart-topper and our hope now he is also having a happy love life as well with this new woman in his life.Well, we have to wait and see until either of them makes this relationship official in near future. Let’s be hopeful.