The Princess Diaries might set to Make a Grand Return after 18 years!

The Princess Diaries to return after 18 years

It has been 18 years since The Prince Diaries 2: Royal Engagement arrived way back in August 2004. Fans of the real-life franchise had never given up hope for the third Princess Diaries movie. And the good news about the 3rd Princess diaries finally arrived in 2022.

From the Princess Diaries 2

Recent news about the Princess Diaries

In recent years, the trilogy-making sequel has stalled. Anne Hathaway, who played the role of Mia Thermopolis previously confirmed a script exists and while she claimed to be on board for the film along with co-star Julie Andrews as Queen Clarisse, there isn’t any further update since.
As The Princess Diaries taught us, miracles happened once in a while. The Princess Diaries 3 includes Chris Pine’s involvement and Mandy Moore’s surprising character theories.

Princess Diaries 2

Disney has signed on for a third installment, as reported on November 15. TV writer Aadrita Mukerji is penning the script.

Anne Hathaway’s views about 3rd Princess Diary movie

Anne Hathaway’s involvement is not yet confirmed for the 3rd Princess Diary movie but there is a hope that she would return and the potential new film and the potential new film will move beyond the script stage. She has vocally supported the idea of The Princess Diaries film. She even expressed her wish for The Princess Diaries 3 on Entertainment Tonight in October stating she would be more than entertained by it.

The movie and its updates

Debra Martin Chase, who produced the previous two films of The Princess Diaries will produce the new installment and Melissa Stack will executively produce it.

The film has been discussed for years and Queen Andrews herself gave updates about the movie during her interview with The Talk in April. The Oscar winner unlighted optimism and cast doubt when it comes to The Princess Diaries 3.

Princess Diaries
The New York Times

Anne Hathaway was asked about the status of the project during her January 2019 appearance on the movie Watch What Happens Live. She agreed that she wants the movie to happen.

Along with Anne Hathaway, Garry Marshall, Chris Pine, Lilly Moscovitz and Mandy Moore are ready for The Princess Diaries 3.
The fans are also eager for the third movie. There is still an await for the official release of the movie.