The Other Two : HBO Max Renewed the Comedy Series for Season 3! Details Below

The Other Two is the comedy series that is taking over the internet

The Other Two is a comedy series, which will premiere on HBO Max. Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider are the writers of the show. However, the series has already made its debut on Comedy Central before moving the WarnerMedia streamer.

More about the series

The series has made its debut on HBO Max in August with a different production house. Therefore we had the second season on HBO Max in August. According to the creators of the show, the second season has shown steady growth each week. Meanwhile, there are more reasons why people are excited about the third season.

poster of the other two
Chris Kelly Twitter

The storyline of the show is very creative and unique. We saw the story start with Justin Bieber getting ill because of eating too many eggs. I mean, really isn’t that unique enough to get you watching?

Drew Traver, Helene Yorke, Case Walker, Ken Marino, and Molly Shannon are the main stars of the show. The pop star brothers Chase Dreams are already officially entering the retirement phase just at the age of 14. Meanwhile, Brooke and Cary are the two famous family members who are enjoying the fame the world has to offer.

Chris thanking their fans by a post
Chris Kelly Twitter

Kelly and Schneider are deeply shocked to see the support they are getting from HBO for doing so many foot jokes. They have also shown their gratitude towards their fans for the popularity of the show. Meanwhile, the other executives Suzanna Makkos, EVP, Original Comedy, and Adult Animation also said that it has been an interesting journey to see the series growing so much. The characters and the storyline convey a lot more than it is seen on the surface.