The OA Season 3: What exactly is up with Prairie Johnson? Check out every latest update on this series.

The American mystery drama series that has all the things to excite you, OA is gonna get back for a season 3. Some basic genres of the series are dreams, science fiction and supernatural things. First two seasons got a lot of appreciation from both, the audience and the critics.

Is season 3 of OA Cancelled?

Creators of this amazing show are Brit Marling and Zak Batmangjil. Each of the first two seasons had eight episodes in it. And previously there were news that the show will have a total of five seasons. But then there was another news saying that there’ll be no more seasons for the OA.

This was quite a disappointed moment for all the fans. But since there isn’t any official news by the showmakers yet, we should not lose hope.

When will OA season 3 release?

As told earlier, there are less probablities for the arrival of OA season 3. However, if season 3 will release, we will able to watch it by 2022. But no official announcement has been made by the creators or the streaming service yet. According to the planning the showmakers have decided to bring five seasons for it, so there is still some hope for the show to return. Till then you could also enjoy the first season on Netflix.

What will be the plot for season 3?

The show is about a woman who is missing for seven seasons and one day she suddenly appears. On her return she claims that she is an original angle, i.e. an OA. In addition, she also refuses to tell her adoptive parents and the FBI about where had she been for all those days.

The series consists of the stoy about how she along with her team helps men and women to rescue from difficult situations.