Big Little Lies season 3: what will happen in this murder mystery series? Check out for release date, cast, plot and latest updates.

We have got a delightful news for all the serioholics…. Big Little Lies season 3 is finally confirmed by the showmakers. Second season of Big Little Lies ended in the month of July 2019. The series has to go through a lot of difficulties while it streamed on HBO. Director of the show was also changed during the streaming of it.

Previously the director was Jean-Marc Vallée but Andrea Arnold took over his position. It is said that the new director failed to bring that much of creativity like the previous one.

When will Big Little lies season 3 AIR?

Big Little Lies season 1 came up on the screens in February 2017. The next one premiered on the streaming service in 2019, in the month of June. However, it was said that the second season wasn’t able to impact as much as the first one. But ratings of the series was still high. And there was also an increase in the number of viewers.

Talking about season 3, it will AIR anytime soon because the showmakers told in an interview that it will release in July. However, nothing is confirmed since the pandemic has put everything at halt.

Who all will come back for Big Little Lies season 3?

Nicole Kidman will probably be getting back in the role. Apart from this, almost all the members are expected to return, for example, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Adam Scott, James Tupper, Ivyn George, Nicolas Crovetti and Cameron Crovetti.

What will be the plot?

Season 3 will also have seven episodes like the previous two. Moreover, the plot will also continue from where it left in season 2. There is not much changes in the show, however, we will be able to clarify when the trailer comes, so stay tuned.