The neglecting father: Brian McKnight’s children calling him out for being a Deadbeat Father.

Brian McKnight, the American Singer-songwriter is an R&B songwriter and has four children, Brian McKnight Jr., Niko McKnight, Briana McKnight, and Clyde McKnight. Three of his children are from his previous marriage since he remarried in 2017.

As we all know, if there is a family, there are always complications, and these complications are even more common if the families are on the limelight of Hollywood. Brain McKnight, the singer, also known as BJ, was recently accused of being a deadbeat father by his son and daughter on social media. Moreover, he is distraught over the fact as he has always fulfilled their needs on time.

He denied against the accusation of being a deadbeat father, and this might have come up because of his children’s ill feelings since he is no longer taking care of them financially. He told that he has never missed a child support payment and he has always got their back, and he stands by them.

BJ is the one who created some of our favourite R&B love ballads from the 1990s. He is the producer of such music that couples have used for their wedding and intimate moments, but his children have portrayed an opposite face of him. They came up with the issue of being abandoned by their father and feeling the absence of their father in their lives.

BJ replied to their statement that he could not even imagine abandoning his children, his blood. It breaks his heart if he does such things, and he cannot do that. He stands by them whenever they need him. He thinks that there is a need for a serious discussion between them and that their conversation would surely heal many people having abandonment issues in their lives. He feels like everyone needs to listen to this side of the story too.

While Braina expressed her grief by saying that she felt as if she was “second place in her father’s heart.” For her, the daddy’s little angel thing had never existed, and no one has ever understood her correctly.

BJ has not replied to any of his children’s allegations publically, but it is expected that he would surely rectify the relationship.