Chinese Beauty Standards rate Marvel SuperHero Simu Liu below Average, People Call him too ugly to be a hero.

Marvel Cinematic Universe recently announced Simu Liu to play the lead in its phase 4 movie, Sheng Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings alongside Awkwafina.

The Chinese-Canadian actor has been on the 11th cloud after being cast a Marvel SuperHero, the actor known for his natural wit and self-deprecating attitude might make a good superhero or just an ugly man?

Both the stars of the film were slammed for being ugly in the Chinese social media; China always had a parallel metric system. The Youtube channel Asian Boss posted a video on the topic labelling both stars are considered Ugly in China.

The channel’s reporter hit the streets of Beijing to know the people’s opinion and asked them to rate Liu on a scale of 1-10. One woman finds him quite handsome with another giving 7.5 but specifying he just fine considering the high Chinese Standards for Male beauty.

The not so handsome star might have had a breakdown after getting a measly 3.5 average score and after knowing fans in China are genuinely disappointed to see him as a SuperHero who believe there more able and handsome Chinese actors who can essay the role better.

As another man believes all Americans look the same, what Americans think of the Chinese?

The actor in his ever funny, elated manner replied when the video found its way to his screen, hey Siri am I ugly? Truly ingenious. The fans came out in support, lashing out at the video and completing the actor’s beauty.

— Simu Liu (@SimuLiu)

Simu Liu released an elaborated statement about the video by starting jokingly about his name being pronounced wrong and then traversing into the severe topic by reflecting on career, struggles, and always being second fiddle.

The actor can resonate the same persona on the silver screen with Sheng Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings slated to release on February 12, 2021.