The mystery behind Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s relationship!

Are Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga the newest couple in town? The truth behind their relationship.

The rumors of their link-up have gathered heat ever since their steamy performance of Shallow at The Oscar Awards.

The two stars got close while starring in the movie “A Star is Born”. Soon, the already strong speculations of romance got stronger further with their performance at the Oscars. Although both have denied the claims, their performance strengthened the rumors.

           Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

To add up, Bradley’s fiancé and the mother of his daughter, Irina Shayk broke off their engagement. However, the Russian model did not state reason publicly, but fans were quick to pin the blame on Gaga.

Mystery Man in Gaga’s life?

Things further took an interesting turn when Gaga was spotted with a new man. The guy was her music engineer Dan Horton. The two have worked together for many years. They were spotted getting cozy in a Los Angeles restaurant in July. Fans believe that the Born This Way singer has finally moved on from Cooper due to his commitment issues.

Lady Gaga and Dan Horton
Credit: People

However, a source claimed that Gaga was just making Bradley jealous. Reportedly, this Romance was just a ploy to show Bradley what he was missing. The source said that Gaga “knows how to play a game.”

Do Bradley and Gaga take a Vacation?

Recently many news sites reported that the couple was spotted together on a vacation in France. These reports were based on Bradley’s pictures with a Blond Haired person sitting next to him. Interestingly, this person was not Gaga but actually a Man. He was an Irish musician who is also Bradley’s friend.

To make things more complicated, Bradley was linked to Jennifer Aniston as well. Many sites started reported that they were going on secret dates. 

Meanwhile, these are just rumors and no official confirmation has been made of whether Bradley and Gaga are together or not.