The Matrix Resurrections Review: A Final Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

The review will be kept spoiler free

The Matrix Resurrections is finally out, and opinions are quite mixed. When projects that are almost two decades old get green-lit for a new sequel, some will be waiting impatiently to soak in all that nostalgia, while others, usually the majority, will be sceptical. In The Matrix Resurrections‘ case, both teams win and lose at the same time. Here’s why.

Pluses and minuses

The Matrix Resurrections
Warner Bros.

Lets start on a good note and go with the pluses. The performances are great. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss kill it as Neo and Trinity, and the new cast members do their parts justice. Notable mentions should be give for Jonathan Groff, the new Smith, Yahya Abdul-Mateen, the new Morpheus, and Jessica Henwick, who makes her debut as an all-new character called Bugs. These actors own every second of the screen time allotted to them. The other good thing about the movie is the whole concept. It had some good things to say, but the execution failed.

The Matrix Resurrections presented itself as very self-aware and even stated that reboots and sequels are silly, but that won’t be the case for this sequel. However, the makers didn’t realize that this sequel was not going to be as good as they thought. The makers focused too much at a “deep” storytelling that they had to sacrifice a lot of the action.

The movies are known for their fights, and Reeves continues to show his action skills through the John Wick films. We are now stuck with short fights, messy effects, or shock-and-awe techniques that result in things getting over before they begin. In the two and half-hour runtime, we see so much of flashbacks and meta scenes that we are left exhausted.


The Matrix Resurrections
Warner Bros.

Overall, the story is bad. Longtime fans will get their hit of nostalgia, and old and new cast members do their jobs well. The brilliant ideas that the makers had were not executed properly, and that’s where the movie struggles and eventually loses.

The Matrix Resurrections is now in theatres.