“The Masked Singer” has revealed not one but two masked singers and the judges are happy about their prediction!!

The host of the show “The Masked Singer”, Nick Cannon, has opened the second season of the show quoting that it was finally time to get weird. And Nick Cannon was not slightest wrong about the most deliriously strange TV stage.

During the airing of the first season last winter, “Singer” has become a reality competition sensation and has been successful in trying to turn the viewers into sleuths who detected that most of the B- and C- list celebrities were placed inside elaborate costumes as they crooned their hearts while singing with glitzy karaoke.

"The Masked Singer" has revealed not one but two masked singers and the judges are happy about their prediction!! 1
Image: Entertainment Weekly

Amid an avalanche of hype, the second season of “Singer” has arrived and everyone seems to be knowing that they were on a hit show. It was clearly seen that the host, all the judges, and the contests know that they would be having a great time as the show keeps running.

The result of this is a series that is now more manufactured into its quirks and weirdness, but a series that still has the fun mania that had made the season 1 of “Singer” magical.

The two-hour-long premiere of the “The Masked Singer” has seen not one but two celebrities taking their masks off. Overall the show, the audience had plenty of listening to good songs as they kept humming along with the singers throughout the entire two hours.

All the contestants of the show were referred to the costumes they sported and here are the 8 contestants that have participated in the first episode: Butterfly, Egg, Skeleton, Thingamajig, Rottweiler, Ladybug, Ice Cream, and Tree.

Egg and Ice Cream have lost their face-offs and have had even lost their smackdowns. Hence Egg and Ice Cream were the dairy losers this week. As per what the judges have guessed, Egg was Weir and Ice Creme was Gamer and YouTuber Ninja.