The Life of Whitney Houston: Rollercoster life of a diva and Tragic death mystery!!

It has been seven years since the death of the iconic diva, who would have been 56, on this 9th August, The singer passed away on February 11th, 2012 in Los Angeles, in a hotel bathtub. Autopsy reports revealed that Houston died due to accidental drowning, heart disease, along with the presence of muscle relaxant, Xanax, Marijuana, allergy medication, and cocaine. She was only 48. Such a tragic passing away had many guessing at fowl play and troubles in the singer’s life.

“In the end, I think the divide between who she was and what her public persona was becoming more and more difficult,” commented Broomfield, who has a documentary on Houston’s life. The footage and interviews of Whitney Houston revealed how she was showing signs of struggle in the last period. She’s this completely passionate, unbelievable performer even during some of those late performances. And you can see that she’s struggling.” The performances revealed the extensive drug usage she was undergoing, as evident in her damaged voice. The singer had been using drugs since her teenage years.

It was not all a bed of roses for Houston. Her older sister has sexually abused her as a child. News of Houston being a bisexual was released by her husband. Her affair with Crawford is also a matter of controversy. The loneliness and pressure that the strenuous relationship with her mother caused was considered as one of the reasons for her drug abuse. From being in an abusive marriage to over-dependency on drugs, her life was going all downhill and very fast.

Whitney had become a moneymaker and a commodity for the industry and her mother, Cissy Houston to sell and earn profits from early on. This had a negative effect on Houston, who had to face the derogatory comments and backlash. “She was very carefully groomed for nearly two years before the first album came out… She was a major project. A lot of money was spent on her.”

With everyone that she cared for leaving her, to her dependency on drugs, not only did her life change but so did her physical appearance. The singer lost all her teeth, her appearance changed, and she was a different person, both inside and out. While working on Sparkle with Jordin Sparks, her attempts to get herself together was evident; it sadly was not enough. The singer has a sad and tough life, which in the end caught up to her.