The Last Kingdom: Ahead of Season 5 Release, Here’s Everything to Know About the Historical Drama

Netflix’s historical drama The Last Kingdom renewed with a season 5

The Netflix historical drama The Last Kingdom has been announced with a brand new season. Certainly, the drama hasn’t wrapped up after its fourth season and is giving one more season to cover a bit more of The Saxon Stories. Well, it has already scheduled its arrival and it’s arriving this year soon.

The much awaited drama of Uthred has already wrapped up its production work and is working on its arrival this year.

The Last Kingdom season 5 releasing this summer

The Last Kingdom
Instagram / Alexander Dreymon

As confirmed by Netflix, the Ben Murphy produced drama was announced with a season 5 back in the year 2020. However, it’s only this year that the Bernard Cornwell’s novel based drama has scheduled its arrival. Not to miss, the season 5 of the Netflix drama is all set to air this summer.

To be exact with the release of The Last Kingdom season 5 then it’s releasing on Netflix on 9th march this year. Additionally, the fifth season of the historical drama is going to be the final drama of the series. Certainly, the series won’t be renewing itself again.

Alexander Dreymon drama to get a comeback with a movie

Alexander Dreymon

As The Saxon Stories novel by Bernard Cornwell has not been covered fully in the series of Netflix. It’s been decided that a movie on The Last Kingdom will be worked upon soon. Well, that gives a good news for all the Uthred fans who wants to see him again and again.

Alexander Dreymon fans would be even more excited as he would be reprising his role of Uthred in the upcoming historical drama movie too. Nonetheless, production of the movie is however believed to begin this year only. Also, the last season of The Last Kingdom is set to have 10 episodes in total to watch. Meanwhile, only Netflix has the rights of the last season of historical drama as BBC is yet again not to have the drama premiere on it.