The Johnny Depp – Amber Heard Divorce Battle Has Turned Into A Severe Feud Of Blame Game! Check it out.

The Johnny Depp- Amber Heard divorce feud has been one of the most heated and dramatic battles in Hollywood. The divorce has soon turned into an intense dramatic blame game and now it is only increasing with time! Let us take a look at the ongoing feud going on.

The Depp- Amber Divorce Has Soon Turned Into A Big Feud!

The battle started when Aquaman actress made severe allegations on her then ex-husband Johnny Depp and even accused him of domestic violence which included the actor hitting her while drunk, as States by Heard herself. However, the case soon took a huge turn with the actor claiming that it was Amber who tried to harm Depp.

According to sources, Amber Heard three a glass bottle at Depp injuring Depp and it was visible when he turned up in the Pirates Of The Caribbean sets. However, Amber Heard has denied such allegations. Along with this allegation, sudden audio footage revealed that Amber Heard severely verbally attacked Depp and this has enraged fans.

The Aquaman Actress Has Made Severe Allegations Of Domestic Violence!

This new audio clip that came in the forefront shook fans and now there is an ongoing campaign of removing Amber Heard from all her ongoing film projects. Moreover, one of Depp’s close friend has revealed that Amber Heard has actually created the said injuries!

Moreover, Johnny Depp has also filed a case against his then ex- wife Amber Heard for falsely accusing him for domestic violence.  The divorce battle is still ongoing with no conclusion drawn until now. However,  fans have started online campaign demanding justice for Johnny Depp. The whole story has taken a new side altogether!