Brian Austin Green Confessed Something Huge About His Divorce With Megan Fox: was shocked to hear about the separation! Read for all details.

The whole world has in shock when Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green called it quits after almost ten years of marriage. While there were some controversial facts including Megan cheating on Brian came to the forefront making the divorce a messy affair!

Ex-Husband Brian Austin Makes A Big Confession About The Divorce With Megan Fox.

However, Brian cleared the air that Megan did not cheat on him and while they have decided to go in their separate ways and no one is the victim in here as depicted by some of the media tabloids.

Recently, Brian made yet another confession during the podcast stating that he was pretty shocked and upset when Megan Fox announced her decision of being by herself and not continuing with the marriage anymore.

The Actor Was Stunned And Upset With The Separation News.

Moreover, Brian also said that while he has no anger or beef with his ex-couple Megan, he definitely did not take the news well and was pretty shocked about it. He went on to say that Megan Fox also said that she went on to shoot outdoors and felt like herself again and maybe that was something worth giving a try.

Fans soon speculated that the couple might not be together anymore when Megan Fox was spotted with friend Machine Gun Kelly and was not wearing her wedding ring. The couple soon announced their split. After the actress made a cameo appearance in one of his music video and recently the singer seemed to have posted a cryptic post which might be about Megan, fans are speculation a spark between them amidst the sudden divorce of Megan Fox and Brian Austin.