The “Impeachment: American Crime Story” Strikes a Chord! Reasons to Watch it

The real character of the show has shaped the reel characters in it

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” is one of the biggest scandals of America while Bill Clinton was president in the 1990s. The series is the third volume of the ACS series that has also included The People v OJ Simpson and The Assassination of Gianni Versace. “Impeachment: American Crime Story” mostly focuses on the circumstances that led to Bill’s impeachment.

The very special thing about the show is that has got special input from Monica Lewinsky itself. She was an intern and the White House when Bill Clinton was president of the United States. There were rumours that he had an affair with her.

 To know why you should watch the series read below.

Why should one watch “Impeachment: American Crime Story”?

The main reason for watching the series is that it is based on reality. You will get to know a lot about Bill Clinton’s regime, his affair, and how he faced impeachment. However, the show has already been released and it is receiving a lot of mixed reviews. The critics are already praising the casting team for their choice. The whole cast has received universal lauding for their acting. 

The rolling stone magazine said that the show seems cartoonish whereas CNN has collectively praised it. So it is up to you how much you have the interest to know about the most shocking scandal of America.

Credit: ACS

What is “Impeachment: American Crime Story” about?

The series is deeply dedicated to the circumstances that led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He faced impeachment because he allegedly lied (to investigators) about his sexual relationship with Lewinsky. The whole series is narrated by three women: Lewinsky, Linda Tripp, and Paula Jones. Linda was the one who revealed the ugly affair whereas Paul accused the former president of the USA Bill of sexual harassment. 

Monica Lewinsky producer of Impeachment: American Crime Story
Credit: ACS

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