My Hero Academia: World Heroes Surprises Fans With a Free BTS Booklet

A Treat For The Fans Ahead Of The Movie Release

My Hero Academia is returning back as the most loved anime-movie with a free give-away of a booklet. The booklet contains many surprises and had attracted the movie-goers. With prior to its releases the producers are taken it too far to calm the fans.

And this bonus booklet will be given to those fans who buys tickets for the movie. It includes many behind the scenes and character introductions.

A sketch from the movie World heroes
Instagram/ Viz media

Also the details regarding the release were also revealed and will be screening in 13 countries. And fans all over the world are cheered for their favorite movie release.

Details Inside The Book

The release My Hero Academia movie has lot of time, in order to make the fans active the movie producers has released this book .

With many things inside fans surely must wait  patiently by seeing what is inside the book. And the book tend to contain Q and A session with the directors and cast members.

And also autographs of the stars’ Daiki Yamashita, Nobuhiko Okamoto and many more. All of them are the voice contributors since season 1 of the series.

A sketch from the series World heroes
Instagram/ Viz media

And mainly the sketches and character designs from the movie is something that fans will love to have.

Details On My Hero Academia And The Release

With the release held on October 28, the movie will be available in several countries including Scandinavia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

The most successful movie in the whole franchise was World Heroes’ Mission which was successful even during the pandemic.

And the storyline revolves around the fifth season. Deku is involved in heinous crime. With his accomplices and friends he tries to escape from the law. And they also reveals a conspiracy that was created by a group called Humanity.

While waiting for the movie, fans can binge on the previous seasons on Hulu and Netflix. It is surely worth the wait.