The Hollywood legend, Kirk Douglas, died on Wednesday, 3 February 2020, at the age of 103.

The Hollywood legend, Kirk Douglas, died on Wednesday, 3 February 2020, at the age of 103. Three years ago, when he was 100 years old, he disclosed that he did not expect that he would love so long. It is God’s grace on him and his good deeds that he was blessed with such a great life.

Besides his epic roles in movies like ‘lust for life’ and ‘Spartacus,’ he is popular even for surviving a stroke. He had a great fan following and will be alive forever in our hearts. Moreover, he was even loved by all his colleagues due to his good nature.

He bravely fought from the stroke in 1996 and wrote about his experiences and struggle in his memoir titled ‘My stroke of luck.’ The title clearly showcases Douglas’ optimistic attitude towards life and his sense of humor; he instilled in himself to fight against the situation.

He made two films after the stroke. And both the films had his impaired speech. Although he was quite weak, he wanted to play another part ‘before the sun sinks below the horizon.’ He even said that no one could stop an actor. And then he recalled the time when the stroke occurred.

It happened all of a sudden when he was lazily enjoying a manicure at his home. He felt as if a sharp and pointed instrument drew a scratch from his right head down to his cheek. He also described the strange sensation he felt and how the gibberish came out. Following this, he became unable to speak.

The doctors then reassured that it was just a minor stroke. Despite it being a normal stroke, the recovery process was very arduous. He was broken from inside, thinking that why the man who is so tough on the screen has been affected by such circumstances. And thinking about all these made him angry. He described all his experiences, and with this, he tried to spread awareness about strokes so that we could prevent it.