Stephen Colbert, Insult Comic Dog was brave enough to cover what has been a transparently farcical GOP defense of Donald Trump??

Stephen Colbert, popularly known as the insult comic dog, noted that he is the only one who is brave enough to cover what has been a transparently farcical GOP defense of Donald Trump during his ongoing impeachment trial. He said that he is the only reporter tough, abusive, and ridiculous enough to do this task. Get a detailed description of what happened through this article.

Stephen Colbert did this outside the Senate. He did this in front of all the dogged puppet journalists who were busy covering terms of signature interviews. They were just busy noting that the trial was very hard for the Republican senators because its rule asks them to sit attentively and listen for a long period of time. They can’t even get back support during this time, and thus, they were off.

When Triumph was working inside the building, Colbert noticed that for some reason, not a single person in America could speculate about it. The Republicans have restricted the press Corps from doing so. The journalists just shout out all the provocative cheap shots at full volume. After that, Mitt Romney was ordered to drive home. Triumph offered to ride strapped to the roof of his car, and this got no comments from the Senator.

But the South Carolina Republican and most shameless  Trump Sycophant Lindsey Graham was the main subject for the journalists. It included the mocking of Graham’s appearance and Triumph’s biggest triumph ever by being escorted away under tight security at the  Graham press stand up. His main intention was to make the shamelessly hypocritical Graham the ultimate villain. Moreover, his attempts to bust into the locked office of senators were unsuccessful. His attempt to brazen his way past security into reaches of the Senate was also unsuccessful. And no one knows the actual reason why the GOP is restricting the press from entering?