‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ go full “Breaking Bad” for Season Four!


The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 has been epic, and fans cannot wait for season four. The third season has been significant, and the finale has left fans wanting June (Elisabeth Moss) to go full “Breaking Bad” in the next season. This article contains significant spoilers of season 3 ahead.

Season three saw many notable deaths, and June has been in the middle of all these significant events and changes. She took a ballpoint pen to Commander Winslow multiple times in the episode leading to the finale. This is testimony how all the things are happening, and the events are changing June. She will not tolerate anything or anyone standing in her path now. She has her mindset to save the 50 kids.

This season also focused on the mental toll the entire situation takes on the characters. The episodes looked what it meant to have a chemical imbalance in the ‘pure’ Gilead universe. The character of Eleanor Lawrence and her deteriorating mental state has been heartbreaking and also rough to watch. The raw and excellent acting of Julie Dretzin was very realistic that left a mark in the minds of the viewers.

Going Breaking Bad would be to allow the actors to become anti-heroes as they struggle and try to survive in the Gilead world. The statement the show could be leading to, irrespective of June breaking Gilead or finally leaving, that Gilead will leave a mark on her. Gilead has managed to change her.


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