The Good Lord Bird Series Finale Is Finally Here And The Poignant End Acts As The Perfect Goodbye

After a long and successful run, the series finale of popular show The Good Lord Bird has finally arrived on the Showtime network. Well, we might have some major spoilers for you all in the article below!

The Good Lord Bird Series Finale Is Finally Here!

We saw how lead actor Ethan Hawke’s John Brown’s journey came to a rather violent end, but it will be lived on for the young Henry who was inspired by the abolitionist John Brown. Fans could just get enough of this Showroom series that is a seven-part adaptation of the popular James McBride’s 2013 novel bearing the same name.

Ethan Hawke has recently opened up about his character and most importantly the significance of the series finale episode. Hawke says that he found John Brown’s final words incredible moving and it was an honor to play enact the character on screen. Here’s a little sneak peek into the ongoing action that has finally come to an end.

Actor Ethan Hawke Opens Up About His Character’s Fate In The End.

Moreover, Ethan Hawke further talks about his character’s development arc and how John Brown was finally able to completely believe in Onion. Hawke recalls how the scene where Onion visits John Brown in the prison is very, very powerful. As many media outlets have praised the actor’s acting and defined him as the hero we need right now!

If you haven’t already seen the final episode, it is highly recommended as the two leads draw the final curtain with their quiet glances and powerful acting that is the perfect end to a perfect series. It seems like the mini series left us a story that will leave behind an impression for boldness and beautiful storytelling.