The Gilded Age Writer Talked About Season 1 Finale & Season 2 Possibility

The Gilded Age And Its Unexpected Finale

HBO’s drama series The Gilded Age has finally ended with its first season. However, the finale had a bit surprising things that made the writers of the series to talk about how they planned the ending of the first season and if they plan for a comeback with season 2 or not. Julian Fellowes talked about how things were planned for season 1 ending and lots more.

The Gilded Age Writer Julian Fellowes Talked About Season 1 Finale

The Gilded Age

It was while with an interview to a leading website, that Julian Fellowes talked about how he had planned to make Bertha Russel to finally get what she wanted at the ball. Revealing that he was on Bertha’s side while writing the finale. It made him happy that finally Bertha was given a triumph at the ball.

He revealed how Vanderbilt and Mrs Astor was put on the plot too as it involved blackmailing for attending the ball. Sonja Warfield too added that how initially it all began with Bertha with nothing special to finally at the end given a triumph.

Fellowes Reveals About Season 2 Of The HBO Series

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On asking whether Fellowes has planned anything for the second season of The Gilded Age, he hints at the possibility. He went on to share that at present he can’t be clearing saying if it’s going on or not. He said that the writing process involves writing, re-writing and other stuff that makes it uncertain.

However, in a short and precise way he didn’t say that a second season is not to happen. But yes, it’s too early to say anything about it. So, there stands a possibility to have a second season too. On asking if he can say anything about the characters for the second season, he didn’t reveal anything though.