Ben Stiller To Be Cast In Ivo van Hove Stage Adaptation For “The Shining”

The Shining Novel By Stephen King To Be Adapted As A Stage Drama

The horror novel by Stephen King has been one of the most amazing novels of all time. With a film adaptation on the novel already made by Stanley Kubrick in 1980. The stage adaptation of the same novel is in line. Moreover, the stage adaptation of the novel would be in works with Ivo van Hove and Ben Stiller might play a part in it.

Ben Stiller In Talks To Play Jack Torrance At The Shining Stage Adaptation

The Shining
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Ben Stiller who is known for playing mostly comic roles is a popular actor who is reportedly in talks to play the lead role in the Ivo van Hove drama. Ben Stiller if confirmed would be playing the lead character for the stage adaptation as Jack Torrance.

While the stage drama is expected to be arriving sometimes in 2023. Ivo van Hove is known for the stage adaptation of another iconic movie West Side Story. Simon Stephens would be penning the stage adaptation. Also, Sonia Friedman & Colin Callender is reported to be producing the stage project.

Expected Storyline Of The Shining Stage Adaptation

Ben Stiller

Though the 1980 film by Stanley had the novel by Stephen King adapted too. However, the movie didn’t closely follow the storyline of the novel. Yet, the Ivo van Hove stage project on The Shining is believed to be closely following the storyline of the novel.

Also, the story of the stage adaptation is to have Jack Torrance as the Daddy alongside his wife Wendy and son Danny. The daddy in the story would be certainly going to look after the Hotel where supernatural forces rules the building. The story will throw lights on how Jack then deals with things as supernatural forces starts dominating his senses. Meanwhile, we might get to know more about the Ivo van Hove drama as soon as it begins its production.