“The Flash” Teen Actor Logan Williams’ Death Reason Revealed After One Year Of His Death

Overdose of the drug took away Logan’s life

The teen actor Logan William was known best for his role in “The Flash”. He was born in 2003 on 9th April. At the age of 16, on 2nd April 2020, he died in unexplainable conditions. The actor hailed from Vancouver, Canada, and was active from 2014 until his death. 

The saddest part of his death was, that he was the only child of his parents. Moreover, the teen actor did not have any cousins. Therefore, he was the only child even in his extended family. 

Logan began his career at age of 10 when he was featured in 2001’s Hallmark television series The Color of Rain. Moreover, the little star was also nominated for various acting awards out of which he managed to won some. 

Recently, the reason behind his death was disclosed and it is more shocking than the news of his death was. Read below to know more about the circumstances Logan Williams died in. 

Logan William death reason
Credit: New York Post

Logan Williams died one year ago because of usage of the drug

The 16-year-old flash actor died after taking illicit drugs unintentionally. The reason behind his death was first reported by Canada’s BC corner Service report. The lethal outcomes that became the reason for his death were due to fentanyl in a range that can be life-threatening.

Last year after Williams’ death, his mother also said that he died of a fentanyl overdose. Moreover, she also revealed that William was already battling opioid addiction for three years before his death. His mother also hoped that William’s death raises awareness about teen drug addiction.  

Logan William death reason
Credit: New York Post

What was Logan Williams’ mother’s reaction to his son’s drug addiction?

Marlyse Williams said that the family wrapped his habit of addiction because they were afraid of judgment and embarrassment. They just wanted to help him without criticizing him.  

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