BLACKPINK Subscribers Surpassed The 65.2 Million Subscribers On YouTube

BLACKPINK is now the most subscribed YouTube Channel

On 13th April this year, BLACKPINK became the second-most subscribed YouTube channel. Back then, the BLACKPINK was the only female band that touched the 2nd most subscribed channel on YouTube. But now, they have become unbeatable and have surpassed the highest number of subscribers on YouTube.

BLACKPINK was formed by YG entertainment and it includes Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa as its members. When the girls joined the group for the first time, they were hired as a trainee. YG Entertainment’s major girl band 2NE1 was established back in 2009. 2NE1 was active between 2009 to 2016. However, BLACKPINK turned out to be the best decision YG Entertainment could ever take.

Read below to know more about BLACKPINK’s career insights and YouTube journey.

Credit: YouTube

BLACKPINK achieve a milestone on YouTube

BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel was formed in 2016. The girl band was even the second most subscribed artist channel in April 2021. But it took them few months to suppress the number 1 band and reach on top with 65.2 million subscribers. However, BLACKPINK is still behind the T series of India which is on top with 192 million subscribers. But since BLACKPINK is a complete band in itself, it is still on top in that manner.

To become the most subscribed YouTube channel of an artist, BLACKPINK left Justin Bieber’s channel behind.

What was the reaction of BLACKPINK members?

The members were feeling overwhelming and could not express their happiness in any words. The official comment of BLACKPINK said that they are unable to believe in their achievement. They dedicated all the honor and hard work to their huge fanbase who made it possible. Moreover, they promise to remain an artist who generates an aura of positive energy.