The Famous Netflix Reality Show, ‘Selling Sunset’ to Feature the breakup of Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley! Check Out the Details Below.

The famous Netflix series, selling sunset which is a famous American reality television series and aired its first season in 2019 recently announced that they will be featuring the breakup of the main actress Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley.  Their breakup will be content for season 3 which is upcoming right now, for which Chrishell is not really prepared and does not agree to live her past all over again but the team feels their story will give the season a new turn. 

The story did start with her journey in life but she feels she did not want both the good and the had to be revealed, but however if good is being portrayed the bad will be required too.  She said when there will be a lot of hatred and bad being received, she will do nothing to respond but just go off guard and off her social media for a while.

The content will be about the split they both went through when Justin Hartley, her Ex-husband filed a case for divorce.  Everything was going great but suddenly last year he felt he can’t take it anymore and they couldn’t work it out. 

However, Chrishell was shocked about this and still believes it to be a joke but it’s the truth. 

And now, when her love story with her ex-husband is going to be the content for season 3, she feels bad about it, and also feels her story will be in the limelight.  

This is all we know till now that yes their divorce story will be a part of season 3 content, and even if Chrishell Stause does not want, she can’t do anything about it as everything is already planned.