The Dating rumors turned true when Park Jihyo’s date was preceded by hanging out at Kang Daniel’s home? Checkout for more details!

K-Pop fans were shocked when they came across the rumors of Kang Daniel and Park Jihyo dating. But when the two idols confirmed the news, they took the world by storm.

Following one of the reports from a Korean Publication, Dispatch, doubts arose from various corners of the world. The report from Dispatch said that the pair were dating. The representatives of both idols confirmed that they saw each other with interest in the other.

Image: YouTube

The report from Dispatch reported that a new A-list couple has been dating since the start of 2019. The source Dispatch told via Soompi that a senior colleague close to both Part Jihyo and Kang Daniel introduced them to each other.

Last Thursday in Seoul, the pair were reportedly seen on a date in the neighborhood of Hannam. Dispatch added to its report that Kang Daniel and Park Jihyo meet over once a week. It was confirmed that Kang Daniel and Park Jihyo’s date was preceded by hanging out at Kang Daniel’s home.

The report from Dispatch announced that Park Jihyo has the support of her bandmates since one of her bandmates was seen dropping and picking up Park Jihyo from Kang Daniel’s home.

While the former member of the extremely successful boy band Wanna One, Kang Daniel is making his way to the top of the Kpop industry by breaking many records on the way. According to the report of E! Online, Kang Daniel had made history when his new album, Color On Me, became South Korea’s most selling record by selling 342,218 copies in just one day. Before this huge achievement, the album revived a whooping 450,000 pre-orders in just seven days.

While Kang Daniel’s new single, What Are You Up To, has accumulated 11.8 million since being released on July 25 this year.

Park Jihyo is currently on the road with her band members.