The Crown Season 5 Review: Good Performances, Not So Good Plot

Season five will be headed to Netflix next week

Season 5 of Netflix’s The Crown is getting ready to premiere, and a familiar pattern is being seen, yet again. Whenever a new season comes, headlines will start rolling in, saying they should indicate what fact is and what is fiction. All Netflix does in return is release a statement that some events are dramatized, because audiences will come anyway.

About The Crown Season 5

The Crown

Season 5 of The Crown changed the cast as the story heads to the ’90s. Some actors have done their best to embody the roles they were given, while others looked to be not giving a care beyond nailing the accent. Dominic West is a standout, as his Charles is much more charming than Josh O’Connor’s more stiff variant in Season 4. While it does not lead into a malicious territory, Charles’ goal of succeeding his mother is evident. He calls for a reshaping of the monarchy, even though the system wasn’t really outdated. Things spiral out of control when news of his affair becomes one of the largest public scandals ever.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth (Imelda Staunton) is left wondering if she holds any power, or if she’s simply an old relic, serving as a reminder of an age that has long passed. But Stenton plays her part very well, embodying the queen’s quiet level-headedness, but occasionally showing her vulnerable sides too. However, she fails to have the commanding presence that Olivia Colman had.

But the standout of The Crown is, of course, Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana. Debicki managed to do her public and private persona justice, with proper depth and care.

In Conclusion

The Crown

Aside from these performances, the script by Peter Morgan struggles between highlighting certain behaviors of the family, while also showing them being charitable. The series is fairly pro-monarchist, even when the family gets publicly called out. It remains to be seen how it will carry on to the sixth and final season.

The Crown Season 5 premieres on November 9 on Netflix.