The Challenge Recap: The Holy Trinity Falls Apart After An Unexpected Double Elimination

Nany finds herself to be the last woman standing after her two teammates get eliminated

On May 27th episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, we got to see the female contenders in action. But even before the games began, Big T had to leave the game following a foot injury. After her departure, the remaining members get split into teams with five members each. The challenge was a race to go through a tunnel of freezing water and collect a puzzle piece. The winners were Wes, Dee, Nany, Bayleigh, and Cory, who will now be going to the tribunal.

Volunteering for eliminations

During the elimination challenge, Dee, Nany, and Bayleigh are given the option to volunteer themselves for elimination. Dee declined as she already has a red skull. Nany and Bayleigh also refused as they were not confident or familiar with the challenge.

So this was how Kailah ended up facing off against Kaycee, and Jenna facing off against Aneesa. Kailah and Jenna are Nany’s strongest team members (hence the name Holy Trinity) and it had been tough for her to see them both go into elimination.

The challenge was one where the contenders were put into a dumpster that contained bombs, and they had to throw the bombs out and then get themselves out, and in the end detonate a smoke bomb to win the round. Kailah lost against Kaycee and Jenna lost against Aneesa, hence bringing the holy trinity down to just one member. It was a sad day for Nany and she will see how her future forms in the upcoming episode.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs on Wednesdays at 8:00pm on the MTV channel.


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