The Celebrated Character ‘Kraglin’ will be Appearing in Guardian 3, and Sean Gunn is Elated for it

Kraglin Obfonteri, the first and the former characters in the Yondu Ravager Clan is a well-celebrated character. The fact that he manages to remain the loyal one to Yondu Udonta at the search and hunt of the Star-Lord makes the character loved and followed by his fans. He was the one to have joined Udonta and the Guardians of the Galaxy to defeat Ronan, the Accuser in the Battle of Xandar.

The story faced a turn when during the battle in which he was protecting the Star-Lard, Obfonteri, another character ended up revolting which was led by Taserface. However, later, Obfonteri saved his friends and mates before he could submerge himself in the fight with Ego. He was successful at saving them as well.

9 Years later, Obfoneri and his other Ravengers could be taken back to the Earth in order to help the Avengers defeat Thanos and his gigantic cavalry while the Battle of Earth was ongoing 

The reappearance of the character in the Guardian 3

The role would be appearing in a different form in the Guardian 3. The role would be played by none other than Sean Gunn in the MCU. He has had a record of playing the roles of other characters as well as is the appearance in the Avengers. When he was to speak about his role as Kraglin, he said that he had big plans for that character and that one must wait to see what his plans are.

The same was spoken by him in an Instagram Q&A session due to obvious reasons, the ongoing pandemic has made it impossible to conduct physical interviews. The queries started off on a different note and ended up being about the character that he will soon be playing. Fans have nothing to worry about as the statement made it clear that the team is looking forward to soothing grand with the release.