The Boys Season 2: Will the Character of Hugh Return in Upcoming Season?

The comic book of Garth Ennis and Darick  Robertson has inspired the web series show, The Boys which shows how superheroes and civilians could coexist. This show features on the platform, Amazon and is watched by its fans with great enthusiasms too as it’s a mix of adult comedy as well as little needed  violence.

Will the second season feature Hugh Campbell Sr. the character played by Simon Pegg?

As confirmed by Simon himself, the character of Hugh Campbell Sr. will no more be shown in the second season. “They got me out of the way, I did my little bit. It was very fun to do that show. Pleased to be a part” said Simon when asked about, whether being a  part of the show.

Was Hugh’s performance the reason for him not being a part of the second season? 

No. As per the tweets and interviews of the casting crew or the performers, it’s nothing but clear that Hugh’s performance was always acknowledged. In fact, Chris McQuarrie, The series’s director appreciated Hugh’s ability to characterize the role that he was allowed and that he was good at depicting the contrast In the character as good as never before.

“He’s a master at staging those big action sequences, but none of that matters, if you can’t care about the characters” Is what he said about the actor.

What is the expected date of release of the second season? 

Sources say that the shooting of the second season had started much before the release of the firs . This was an advantage to them due to the ongoing pandemic Covid-19,these would either have to be shut or cancelled. The expected date of release is believed to be the 26th June 2020 as will be available to the Fans on Amazon Prime.

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