The Blacklist Gets Green Signal For Season 10 Confirmed By James Spader

NBC to get The Blacklist with its 10th season

The Blacklist series on NBC remains one of the consistent series this far. Well, what comes next is one more season while its ninth season is still being watched. Beside, a lot of change in the story till its 8th season, the series remains to be viewers one of the favourite series. But, if you are really looking forward with this series then yes one more season out of it has been announced. Certainly, that makes all to wonder what else must be coming up with it.

So, here we bring all the updates on The Blacklist with its new renewal.

James Spader confirms season 10 of NBC series

The Blacklist

As Spader’s long lasting series managed to sustain its viewership this long, he has assured all with one more to come up their way. Hopefully, James Spader, the executive producer and cast of the series confirmed about the season 10 of The Blacklist.

It was on the Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show that James spoke a little about his series and assured that after season 9 they plan to have season 10 too. Well, that certainly makes all very much happy to wait for.

The Blacklist managed to get a good viewership

James Spader
Twitter/ The Blacklist

Being one of the longest running series on NBC, the series has even managed to get good viewership post Megan Boone’s character ending its role at the 8th season. The upcoming season however remains to be all under wraps while the ninth season is still on air.

Moreover, Jon BokenKamp too left the series and John Eisendrath now being the only showrunner post season 8. Meanwhile Spader has been consistent with his contribution to the series and remains to be the executive producer to the series. Nonetheless, the season 9 of The Blacklist is still to air its 8th and 9th episode for season 9 on 25th Feb and 4th March respectively. We hope to have more updates on the upcoming season soon.