The Bequeathed: Netflix Collaborated with Hellbound Maker again for a New Korean Show

Netflix continued its stay with Yeon Sang-ho agency

Netflix has decided to stay with Yeon Sang-ho business, as reported by the South Korean News outlet Yonhap News Agency on 18th October. Netflix had decided to produce more new series written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho.

The upcoming new series, The Bequeathed, already started its production as reported by the production house Netflix. The suspense thrill drama weaves around a family history in a deep-rooted Korean tradition; family burial grounds.

The Bequeathed

About the revealed plot

Although not much about the plot is not revealed yet per some sources it is said the series will showcase Kim Hyung-Joo will be encountering several paranormal incidents after inheriting a property from a distant relative.

Park Hee-soon will be starring as a detective who will investigate the family’s secrets.

The Casting crews and the production unit

The creator of Train to Busan and Peninsula, Yeon Sang-ho has recently released a horror series, Parasyte: The Grey on Netflix. The writer and creator of The Bequeathed series are Yeon Sang-ho.

Kim hyun joo

The casting actors of the upcoming series are Kim Hyun-Joo and Park Hee-soon in lead roles along with Park Byung-Eun and Ryoo Kyung-soo as supporting characters. The date of the premiere is yet to be released by Netflix.

The previous work of the bequeathed screen writer

Along with the director Yeon, The Bequeathed series will also be directed with the help of another director Min Hong-Nam who has successful projects including Train to Busan, Peninsula, and Psychokinesis.

Park hee soon

According to some sources, there is a rise in curiosity about the plot and whether this movie will also be part of the Zombie Thriller movie Train to Busan and Hellbound as the director’s previous zombie thrill has been a blockbuster hit.

In some other K-drama news, it is reported that the previous week Netflix talked about the Korean blockbuster The Match instead of the upcoming movies.

The director’s previous movies have made a place in the heart of his worldwide audience, there is waiting for what his new thrill and plotline his upcoming film will give.