A Christmas Story Christmas: HBO Max’s Holiday Special Movie Drops New Teaser

A Christmas Story Christmas’ Teaser released

HBO Max released a teaser on 17 October Monday of the upcoming movie “a Christmas Story Christmas”, the movie is a sequel part of “a Christmas story” which was originally released in 1983, a comedy film directed by Bob Clark, the cast of 1983’s movie will be returning in the upcoming sequel part.

Peter Billingsley
A Christmas story 1983

Cast of the previous movie are casted for the same roles they played in 1983’s movie, but as they are grown up adults now, so the sequel might show the adult life of these little characters of the previous movie in the new movie.

Original Christmas Story

Directed by Bob Clark and based jean shepherd’s semi-fictional books, A Christmas story was released in 1983, it stars Peter Billingsley, Melinda Dillon and Darren McGavin, a classic comedy story starts with a 9-year-old boy adult Ralphie parker (peter Billingsley), simple story of boy who desires some gifts for Christmas but his mother (Melinda Dillon) refuses to give him, story have some other plots.

A Christmas story
A Christmas Story 1983

The film was partly filmed in Canada, it earned two Canadian Genie Awards in 1984.in 2012 for being “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant”, it was preserved in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

Sequel of the original after 40 years ‘A Christmas story Christmas’

HBO Max Movie created a sequel of the 40 years old movie, on Monday teaser of the upcoming movie released and it is featuring the past movie star Peter Billingsley. the actor was a little sweet boy when He played the character of Ralphie in 1983’s movie. But now he’s a grown-up man of age 51.the other characters of past movie are also casted in the new movie.

The story follows, adult Ralphie who returned to his house Cleveland Street to celebrate the magical Christmas like the one he had with his kids. Reconnecting with his childhood friends and recalling the old memories. The teaser showed some past movie dialogues in the teaser of “A Christmas Story Christmas”, the movie is releasing on November 17,2022.

Watch the Teaser of the Upcoming Film “A Christmas Story Christmas”.