The Batman: New Funeral Clip Gives us a Look into the Chilling Atmosphere in Matt Reeves’ Directorial

A personal letter to the Batman

The Batman has just released a new clip showing how the Riddler is playing his twisted games with the Dark Knight.

The video was about the funeral for Gotham City’s mayor, who was murdered by the Riddler in the very first trailer for the movie. We see Bruce Wayne and the who’s who of Gotham attending his funeral. And that’s where Riddler decides to attack next.

The clip

Warner Bros.

The video stars with Bruce Wayne being approached by an unknown lady who wants to compete for the next mayoral elections, and is asking for his support. There is a brief scene where Bruce is staring at the Mayor’s young son, who is sitting next to the coffin. Then, he overhears James Gordon telling other GCPD members that a person named Gil Coulson is missing. Suddenly screams and loud rumblings were heard from the street, and everyone looks towards the church entrance. Bruce’s eye suddenly catches someone staring motionlessly from above, but his face and body was covered in darkness.

The next moment a car crashes into the church. Bruce quickly turns around and saves the little boy. As he looks up again, he sees that the figure has vanished. A person gets out of the car with trembling arms, and police identify him as Coulson. On his neck is a bomb, a cellphone is taped to his hand which is seemingly connected to the bomb, and a letter saying “to the Batman” was taped to his chest. Riddler’s games had just begun.

A new tone

Bruce Wayne
Warner Bros.

Riddler is often a goofy presence, both in the comics and in 1995’s Batman Forever, and he was rarely taken seriously. He did have capacity for violence, but was never able to match Batman’s intellect. But The Batman has reinvented the character, and Paul Dano’s portrayal of Riddler is reminiscent of the serial killer from Se7en.

Batman’s detective skills will be truly tested in this movie, along with the action, dark storyline, and impressive cast. The Batman arrives to theatres on March 4.