Edward Elric: The Popular Protagonist from Fullmetal Alchemist Continues to Remain One of the Most Gushed Characters – A Review

Edward Elric is the popular protagonist of the famous anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist. The way he has acted in the series and the way he expresses himself, is what makes him gain all the love and importance from his fans. 

Talking about his character, Edward Elric is a 15 years old scientist who lives in a country that is being ruled by alchemy. He is very popular in the series and even managed to receive a title for himself called “full metal”.

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 Talking about what he is and where he comes from,  he is a very young and passionate scientist who keeps on inventing new things, whatever the situation might be.  Since his childhood, he wanted to be a scientist, proof of which is that since then he is not reading the childish stories but alchemy books.  

What attracts people the most to him is the amazing personality he has.  The way he is stubborn about his things, his selfless nature, and his unique way of dealing with things, is what makes him one of the best characters of anime series ever. 

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He is seen as assertive many times by the audience but his firm determination is what makes him special and the superhero of the series. The way he never gives up no matter what Situation comes, the way he keeps his will power strong, I doubt if any character does that. 

Even though he is hot-headed and straight forward, people still like him. But the only thing that people make fun of is his short height,  but he tries to keep his calm. The way he has been protecting Alphonse, another famous character from the series and his brother, reveals his selfless nature that he wanted every danger to happen to him not to anyone else, as being a state alchemist he wanted everyone to be the same. 

Another thing that makes him special is how he treats everyone equally no matter what race that person comes from, even though in the series there have been fights between different races, but for him equality always mattered.