The Adventures of Pinocchio Adaptation: Director Guillermo Del Toro Planning For A Darker Version?? Check out for details.

We all love our very own puppet boy Pinocchio, his story was more like a life leason on the ills of telling the lies! However, it seems like the story has adapted for the big screen, again, and again, there might be yet another big project on the way! Let us take a look at the details of the upcoming Pinocchio adaptation !

An Actor Has Already Been Roped In For The Pinocchio Animation Project.

Apparently, director Guillermo del Toro has been roped in to helm a stop-motion animated Pinocchio film which is due to release next year. An actor has already been roped in for the project and it’s been recently revealed that Birds Of Prey star Ewan McGregor will voice that adaptation’s version of Jiminy Cricket.

There was a huge wait regarding the movie rights of the animated film as going on from 2018 and was later picked up by Netflix. The director has not yet made some big revelation about the plot which might see some changes but the project to have 2021 release.

The Director Made Some Big Revelations About The Upcoming Movie.

Director Del Toro has however confessed that the classic tale of the puppet boy has been one of his personal favorites. He has also hinted on the fact that his version of the story will be a bit darker than that of the other version or even the original story itself.

However, fans are curious that whether this adaptation will have any songs as the song rights are with Disney. Although considering that this version is going to be a bit darker we wonder whether there will be any songs or not. We will see once the movie releases.