“Star Trek: Picard Season 2” an unexpected turn of events occurs, show reveals a shocking connection between Romulans and Borg. Expected Release Date, What Will Be Cast? And What Can We Expect About Storyline Of Show?

Star Trek: Picard is an American web television serious that is running successfully on CBS All Access. It is created by Akiva Goldsman,Michael Chabon, Kirsten Beyer and Alex Kurtzman. It is the eight series in the franchise of Star Trek. The lead character is Jean-Luc Picard played by Patrick Stewart who is also the executive producer of the show.

The story continues in the end of 24th century after a gap of twenty years of the events in Star Trek: Nemesis. We witness the effects of destruction of the android Commander Data and planet Romulus, which took place in Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek respectively. The show starts Santiago Cabrera, Michelle Hurd, Evan Evagora, Alison Pill, Harry Treadaway, and Isa Briones.

The thing in the show which engaged the audience is the hatred extremist Romulans’ had for synthetic lifeforms. We have been shown that some secret terrorist group Zhat Vash had infiltrated Borg Reclamation Project for deassimalating former Borg drones.

In episode eight a character creates an unexpected connection between the Romulans and the Borg. Ramdha is psychologically unwell after her deassimilation. But when she is confronted by Soji she immediately recognizes her as the fabled “destroyer.” She uses a blaster to shoot Soji but later turns the blaster towards her and attempts to commit suicide. The attempt fails and she is left in coma.

Ramdha is actually the aunt of Narissa and Narek. She brings them up after the death of their parents. She is terrified as she was assimilated by a borg that overwhelmed the cube. This resulted in separation of the cube from the Borg Collective.

Now Ramdha remains in coma and there’s no medical reason for her to be in that condition. Maybe she will regain consciousness and switch sides. We will have to keep watching to know what happens next.