The actual reason behind Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet split- it did not just happen overnight! Read all about it.

  1. Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet no longer together after years of marriage.

Last week, Aquaman star Jason Momoa and his wife Lisa Bonet dropped the bomb that they are getting separated. Needless to say, the fans were very much shocked.

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa official Instagram

The pair were together for around 17 years now and were married for 5 years. The news of the split was definitely unexpected but inside sources have revealed that the couple did not just separate “overnight”.

The real reason behind the split.

Why did the duo seem amazing for years and suddenly they were not anymore? An inside source close to Bonet has revealed that Jason and Lisa were starting to drift apart because of their individual priorities and the directions they were focused on.

Both of them are making their journey towards very different career trajectories. The source further said that the 42-year-old Dune star was struggling to find work a few years ago. However, his career is growing exponentially now and he wants to keep working hard as much as he can.

Jason Momoa with family
Jason Momoa official Instagram

However, the 54-year-old ex Cosby Show star is not willing to join Momoa on every location he goes to as she loves her life in L.A.

Inside source says that working long distance has been difficult for them.

The source has further revealed that the distance has affected their relationship to a significant extent and it has been quite difficult for them to be apart.

According to the source, being away from each other did not strengthen their marriage but Bonet and Momoa are quite mature and are maintaining the peace for the sake of their two kids- daughter Lola (14) and son Nakoa Wolf (13).

Jason Momoa with Lisa Bonet
Jason Momoa official Instagram

The couple had released a joint statement via a now deleted Instagram post from Jason’s account everyone has felt the pressure in these changing times and their family was no exception. The love between them was still there and they are freeing each other to become what they were learning to be.

Our devotion unwavering to this sacred life our children. Teaching our children what’s possible. Living the Prayer. May Love Prevail‚ú® J & L.“- the statement said in conclusion.