The 2019 Leonid Meteor Is Coming This Weekend ! How to Catch Up With It?

It seems like nature will be gifting us something beautiful. We can experience something beautiful up in the sky. In the early hours of Monday, the Leonid Meteor will be sending shooting stars across the sky.

Leonid Meteor Coming On The Weekends.

The meteors might be harder to be seen due to the bright moon in the Waning Gibbous phase just after this week’s full moon. The comet takes thirty-three hours to complete one orbit of the sun.

The meteor shower derives it name Leo from Lion. It is because of the meteor are coming from the stars that make up the lion’s mane. The meteors will be appearing all across the sky.

How to Enjoy The Beautiful Phenomenon?

It seems like the actual peak of the Leonids comes the following night, which means the entire weekend can be utilised for trying to observe this meteor shower. To catch it, one can probably best off heading as far from city lights as possible and finding an alone spot with a wide-open view of the night sky and enjoy the phenomenon.

If for some reason you miss out on the experience, not to worry! There is another big meteor event coming up next week when the obscure Alpha Monocerotoids could produce a meteor storm .