The 100: Season 7; What is the mystery behind Octavia Blake’s Death? What words does Hope whisper to Octavia?

The American television series ‘The 100’ which was first premiered on 19th March 2014, on popular platform CW television network has released a total of six seasons so far and the seventh season is expected to be released in 2020 according to some sources.

Hope Diyoza who was one of the minor characters of the 6th season debuted in the eighth episode “The Old Man and the Anomaly”. The character created a severe thrill, suspense and a powerful impact on its audience. It is expected that Hope Diyoza would be one of the major characters in the upcoming season.

Season six has ended with the death of Octavia Blake after she was stabbed by Hope Diyoza. Hope approached Octavia for a hug, but before Octavia got stabbed by Hope, the pair whispered something to each other. This scene created major hype among the viewers.

So what are the words that Octavia Blake and Hope Diyoza shared among themselves? And why did Hope Diyoza stabbed her after that?

The symbols connected to the anomaly are discovered on Octavia’s body. With the help of those symbols, the anomaly starts to expand itself. Looking at the storm, Octavia told that “She is here,” before Charmaine Diyoza’s adult daughter Hope Diyoza occurs. Hope told Octavia that she couldn’t get out of it. She also told her that  “he has her mother” and also apologises and stabs Octavia.

Octavia in return told her to be brave and tell him its done. Octavia vanishes with the storm of green lights as the anomaly returns to normal, leaving her fate. The mystery as to whom they were talking about, still lingers. Who was “he”?

But certainly, Charmaine Diyoza is still alive. In an interview, Rosenberg said that they are going to start the upcoming season and continue the story. According to him, the other side of anomaly is going to play a severe role in the story.

We hope that the episodes of “The 100” season 7 roll out soon as per their schedule.