Another threatening incident took place last night.

After about two and a half months later, another Walmart, which is about 9-10 miles away from the border city, became the site of crime.

Last night, a guy was suspected by the officers for stealing a vehicle in the Walmart of El Paso, Texas.

In the parking lot, the guy was present inside an SUV when the police officers came to know about the location of the suspect they approached him.

They tried to inspect him, but his responses were irritating and uncooperative.

Not only this, the driver of the vehicle put the SUV in reverse gear and tried to flee away with the driver’s side door open.

The officers made an attempt to stop the driver but instead were dragged by the vehicle, and in such intense situation, one of the officers took his revolver out and shot the driver.

The driver died at the scene. The shooting took place about around 10:45 p.m. near the parking lot.

The two officers right now are on administrative leave as they have got some injuries while tackling the suspect.

When the incident took place a numerous amount of people were present in the Walmart who evidenced the whole crime scene.

According to officers, the suspect could have been a threat to the people inside the shop center, thus escorted out by authorities.

Another reason to escort out people was also to preserve the crime scene for further investigation.

These incidents are terrifying and could scare anyone’s nerves down. Hence people should pay attention to there safety a bit more around the areas like a shopping center and parking lot where crimes usually take place.

One should immediately contact the police if they find something suspicious going around.

The shops should come up with better security methods to protect their customers from any such incidents.