Comedy king Eddie Murphy is back with a bang with “Dolemite is my name.”

Eddie Murphy is one famous actor, and it seems it’s been way too long since we saw him last. It’s been more than two decades since Eddie played to his forte- that is, R-rated comedy movies. But it seems our prayers finally worked. He is back with the bang. During the time he was gone, many actors tried to take his place and make us laugh. But no one succeeded in turning uncontrolled profanity into pure comedy. And now, thankfully, he is back.

Murphy brought back his gift on-screen with the rowdy yet downright funny “Dolemite is my name.” This movie is engaging a lot of people over the world, and it’s a hilarious, extremely funny movie. It’s a biopic that Eddie was planning and nurturing for years. Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski wrote this movie. Craig Brewer directed this film, and the movie revolves around Rudy Ray Moore, played by Murphy. Rudy is an underground off-color comedy sensation who has an alter ego Dolemite. Dolemite is a shaft-type action hero who turns into a blaspheming blaxploitation cult figure. And it was because the audience enjoyed his films that didn’t work.

Murphy still has a huge loyal fan following, and they stood for him as always. Just like his fellow movie business striver Ed Wood, Moore believed his timeless zeal would compensate for his lack of ability and talent. Dolemite is a humorous tribute to the individuals who never say no and end up in victory. It’s like a valentine to the 1970s world, which was full of male gazing, nudity, and bold costumes. Murphy could use both his comic timing and his talent for dramatic scenes in this movie.

Dolemite begins with Moore at a bad time of his career doubting himself despite having big ambitions. Gradually after many incidents and inspirations, Moore goes on to become a stand-up comedian. But not as himself. He named the character Dolemite and talked in a particular way.

With loads of comedy, love, determination, and so much more, this movie is definitely worth watching. We can stream this 1 hour 58 minutes long movie on Netflix.