Teen Mom OG Star, Farah Abraham Gets Criticized For Decorating Her Christmas Tree In Lingerie!

Recently, the “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham shared a video with the caption “I’ve been really good this year” on her Instagram decorating the Christmas tree. Her outfit led to a lot of criticism all over the internet.

Negativity on comments

She was wearing lingerie while decorating her family’s Christmas tree. Soon after the post, her feed was filled up with all the negative comments like “Weird”, ” Thirsty much?”. One of the fans questioned if she does that around her daughter.

Not her first time

It’s not the first time Farrah is experiencing such heated controversy. In 2017, she dressed up as a “Sexy Santa” at the LA gentleman’s club Crazy Horse III.

Early comments to the video weren’t that much slamming. But it’s about different perspectives of different people. Not everyone on the world wide web found the content appropriate. With the mention of her daughter, Sophia in a few comments showed how the audience took their disapproval in the comment section.

Farrah must be concerned about all these negativity on her Instagram. She’s always been on news with such heated up issues. She had faced quite a lot of criticism from her followers on social media. The thing is all these negativity on her account which is also followed by her 10-year-old daughter and what impact it’s bringing upon her mind. It’s true that the internet is full of hate. Farrah has been raising eyebrows for a long time now. Her adult industry career was the reason for taking her away from teen mom OG.